Thursday, July 10, 2008

Got My Practically Free Coffee

I'm usually suspicious of record-club-type offers, where you buy something for real cheap but then are signed up for a lifetime of expensive whatevers of the month. But when I saw an offer for 24 ounces of purportedly fancy coffee and a travel mug for $3 from Gevalia, I bit.

I received the coffee a week or two later, and the travel mug is very nice. Stainless steel outside, plastic inside, with a very strong closeable valve on top, which is important to me since I mostly use it for water and sometimes carry it in my bag. My old travel mug, from Target, always let water leak out the top all over my stuff. And I won't use one of those hard plastic water bottles because of bisphenol-A.

We haven't tried the coffee yet, but 24 ounces of coffee is a lot for $3. There were no shipping charges.

Cancelling the "coffee of the month" membership took a few minutes on the 800 number provided with the stuff. It operates 24 hours. I tried to cancel on the Web site but the site doesn't work very well, so if you do this deal I recommend just calling.

Here are comments from a few other people who have tried the deal.

By the way, since the brochures that came with the coffee never mentioned the shipping and handling price, I assumed this company charges outrageous shipping fees and made most of their money that way. Then I noticed, in the text of this offer, that delivery fees are waived for the life of your membership through this deal. Wow, that's impressive! I still didn't want to stay because the coffee costs $5-$8 for just 8 ounces, but still, at least they don't seem to be ripping people off. At least not through this particular offer.