Thursday, July 24, 2008

Got Me Some 2-Cent Diapers

Got my 3 packs of diapers at CVS today for 2 cents. Well, 2 cents plus 11ECBs.

Went like this:

3 x $6 = $18
- 2/$10 CVS brand
$16, paid with $15.98ECB
received 5ECB

Are diapers tax free or something?? Or I have heard of checkers forgetting to add the tax, maybe that happened.

Tomorrow, I'd like to go in again and do the baby supplies deal on my husband's account, but in two transactions. I think I'll be paying a total of $2:

1) 2 packs CVS tampons $3 (get 3ECBs)
1 pack CVS pantyliners 1 (get 1ECB)
1 box CVS wipes 2 (buy $15, get 5ECBs)
1 CVS-brand baby tylenol 4 (buy $15, get 5ECBs)
- 2/$10 CVS brand
- 2/one CVS brand skincare (assuming the wipes count)
$6 plus tax, pay with 5ECBs and $1 oop, receive 4ECBs

2) 1 pack CVS diapers $6 (buy $15, get 5ECBs)
1 CVS-brand buttcream? 3 (buy $15, get 5ECBs)
1 CVS-brand pantyliners 1 (1ECB)
- 2/$10 CVS brand
- 2/one CVS brand skincare
$6 + tax, pay with 4ECBs plus $2 oop
receive 6ECBs

Saturday, I'm SUPER busy so of course CVS has sent me another one-day only coupon on my mom's account, for $5 off $30.

Oh well, now that I think about it I woudln't be able to make good use of that coupon because I only have 5ECBs on my mom's account right now. But I could do another variation on the above, getting me more baby supplies for an investment of $1.

one CVS facial wipes $3
one CVS liners 1
one CVS diapers 6
- 2/10
- 2/one skin item
spend 6, receive 6

one CVS diapers 6
one CVS wipes 2
one CVS detangler 2
- 4
spend 6, get 5


Mama Koala said...

That's a great deal! Where do you get the 2/10 CVS coupons? Are you one of the lucky shoppers who has a coupon scanner in her CVS? I REALLY wish we had one....

Carrie said...

Yes, the $2/$10 coupons have been printing off the card scanner.

The good news is that CVS seems to be installing these in more and more stores. When I started CVSing early this year, neither of my local stores had them. Now both do.