Monday, July 28, 2008

CVS This Week: Sort of a Plan

This week I was delighted when Money Saving Mom pointed out that the bogo Life Savers coupons from the 6/8 insert can be used for CVS's "buy $10, get $5" candy deal this week. Peg bags of Life Savers, which are part of the deal, are bogo this week.

This is a big deal to me because my CVS account is down to 1ECB. I have 6 coupons, so I can add 5ECBs to my account for FREE.

Here's my tentative plan:

12 bags Life Savers $12 (Buy $10 get 5ECB)
-12 Life Savers coupons (6 bogo)
pay 0 + tax
receive 5ECB

After that, I'll have 6ECB and I am kind of stuck unless I can score some CRTs that apply to this week's deals or find the $5 off a Kodak DVD coupon some people are seeing near the photo kiosks. I can get my one free box of Band-Aids (pay 3ECB, get 2) but actually since I have a 5ECB and a 1ECB that would result in some cash outlay or I would need to buy something else.

Maybe I'll just do this:
1 Revlon lip color 10 (10ECB)
-2 Revlon coupon
8 + tax
pay 6ECB and $2 from gift card
receive 10ECB

Once I have 10ECBs, I could try the Johnson's deal:

2 Stayfree products $9
1 Neosporin 5
2 ? 6
- 4.50 Stayfree bogo
1 Neosporin coupons
2 (? coupons)
12.50 + tax
pay 10ECB plus 2.50 from gift card
receive 10ECB

Hmm, that doesn't seem like such a hot deal. Considering that we're not in short supply of any of the products on the deal.

I am also out of laundry detergent and so need to take advantage on the bogo for Purex. I have 2 50-cent coupons so I'll need 5ECBs for that deal. Maybe my 6 bogo Life Saver coupons would be better used pumping up one of the other accounts so I'd have enough to get my detergent without running dry.

Choices, choices.


Goo Goo Buy Buy... said...


I was thrilled to discover your blog. I thought I was the only irreverent, non-homeschooling, non-religious frugal blogger out there. And can I say, I'm impressed that you made it back from BlogHer in one piece after traveling alone with two tiny kids. After flying with my toddler son and my mom in February, I returned just a touch homicidal and vowed never to take a flight with him until he's 18!

I can't wait to read what else you're doing to save money.

Rachel said...

LOL -- me too! Well, not the frugal blogger part yet (it's coming!), but the irreverent nonreligious secular Jewish part. And Chicago suburbs part, fwiw :).