Sunday, July 13, 2008

CVS Plan: Photo Book

This past week I had just a couple things I wanted to get at CVS: some Febreeze for my grandmother and some plastic wrap for myself. You know, for wrapping myself in after the kids go to bed, a la "Fried Green Tomatoes."

Just kidding. For wrapping leftovers. Honest.

Anyway, I put off going until the last possible day, hoping to get a new $/$$ off coupon to make it a better deal. While I was waiting, I discoverd a $13.98 ECB that had been sitting in my receipt box at the end of a receipt, and was now expired. Urg. I went in today, got the stuff I needed, tried using the expired ECB, it beeped, and ended up using my one 7ECB note and $7 off a gift card.

Came home and found out there's a new $3/$15 coupon out I could have used. Sigh. From now on I will never leave the house without first reading Money Saving Mom.

Anyway, this coming week I will be really busy preparing for BlogHer. If I had time, the smart thing would be to use that $3/$15, which should be usable over and over, to get all the monthly deals as well as the weekly ones.

But at the minimum, I will make two photo books for a total of $16, use two Kodak coupons to get it down to $13, then the $3/$15 to get it to $10. And get $16ECBs back. I want to make a photo book for the friends I will be staying with in SF next week, so that's handy. Maybe I can just make an exact copy for us to keep.