Friday, July 4, 2008

CVS Holiday Bummer and Success

Happy Independence Day! I would like to report on the great CVS transaction I ran with my one "$4 off coupon" that I received yesterday, which was good today only. But since we are in the Milwaukee suburbs, celebrating the 4th with family, and since the only CVS I found en route to the party was too far out of the way, I wasn't able to use my coupon. Wah.

If I am able to get to a CVS tomorrow, before the week ends, I want to get 8 free bags of Life Savers and 2 free tubes of sunblock. That would be nice. I put off all CVS shopping in hopes of getting a Thursday coupon, and now that I got one, I couldn't use it. Boo to them for making it one-day only.

Instead of a story of CVS triumph, all I have to offer for your post-fireworks enjoyment is this: We used our first discount certificate yesterday, and it went fine, or as fine as eating out with little kids ever goes. We went to Orange on Harrison in the West Loop area of Chicago, and we had to spend a minimum of $40, including beverages, excluding tax and tip. We spent $40 -- 2 adult meals, one kids meal, 3 juices (this is their specialty). So the bill was $15, plus only a dollar or so tax -- I was pleasantly surprised that they only charged tax on the post-discount price. We tipped $8, because we of course made lots of messes and kept the waitress hopping. We also had to pay $8 (after validation) for parking.

The $25 certificate cost us $4 on (normally $10, on sale for 60% off). So our lunch out, which would have normally cost something like $59, cost $35. That's still not something we could swing every week, but it's a LOT better, isn't it?

The rub: Every time I eat out with the kids, I am reminded of why we rarely eat out with the kids. It's not relaxing, therefore not worth the expense. They weren't even that naughty, but of course they always need something, or have just knocked something over, or need to be reminded to quiet down or need to be threatened with a time out, or the toddler wants to get out of her high chair the second food is placed in front of her, and really, we could do all that at home.


Marketing Mommy said...

Tell me about it. I seem to have amnesia and regularly think it would be a good idea to go out to eat with the kids. But unless we're meeting friends with kids and we're seated outside (a la Wishbone), I don't get to enjoy my meal.

Dr. Mom said...

I totally agree. We have three as well and while they enjoy it and are usually not too bad, it leaves us exhausted. I used a coupon to get subs last week just before I picked them up. It was great! The one certificate discount covered the five that I purchased.

Devin said...

I too love to use gift certificates...