Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I haven't been as excited about the CRT machine in my CVS for awhile! (Certainly not as excited as this lady.) I just received two similar coupons that will really come in handy:

1) "Save $2.50 on any pain reliever or sleep aid"
2) "Save $2.50 on any pain reliever purchase of $10"

I CVS for my mother as well as for myself, and we each got a different coupon on our accounts.

There are several ways these could come in handy:

1) The Johnson's deal this week. Buy $20 of products shown in flyer, get 10ECBs. It includes Tylenol at $6.

Here's a scenario for the Johnson's deal, with the new coups:

2 Stayfree products $9
1 Tylenol 6
1 Neosporin 5
- 4.50 Stayfree bogo
- 1.00 Tylenol rapid release
- 1.00 off Neosporin
- 2.50 off painkiller CRT
Pay $11 + tax, receive 10ECBs

or, IF you had both CRTs and they let you use both:

2 Stayfree products $9
2 Tylenol 12
- 4.50 Stayfree bogo
- 2.00 Tylenol rapid releases
- 2.50 off painkiller CRT
- 2.50 off $10 painkiller CRT
9.50 + tax
RECEIVE 10 ECBs, Profit 50 cents

Before I use main, I'm waiting to see if I get any more at future trips to the machine.


When the August deals start later this week, children's Advil drops will be free after ECBs @ 5.79. Combine the $2.50 CRT with a $1 off mc (I'm lucky: I have a $3 off that my Grandma gave me), and you'll make $3.50.

Yeah. I really like that second one, too.

By the way, I also go a CRT for $1 off CVS brand sunscreen, which I might use to round out a $10 CVS brand purchase. I don't know if it would be possible, but might be able to use that with one of those $2 off CVS brand skin care coupons.

Then again, CVS sunblock will be a moneymaker later in August.