Monday, July 7, 2008

Coupons, Deals, Yeah Yeah Yeah

1. This month's Parenting magazine, besides containing a very interesting article by me, contained an intriguing offer on page 18: a new program called Parenting Privileges offers subscribers of the magazine an average of 10 percent cash back on purchases at stores including, and I may check that out, especially since Cook county taxes went up again (to 10% in the city) so suddenly looks a lot better than regular Target. Of course, I'll be shopping with my Citibank cashback card for an extra 1% back.

Also in the August Parenting: 20% off coupons for Gymboree and some JC Penney photo coupons.

2. If you live in the Chicago area, Walgreens circulars in the Trib on 7/6 included a wrap-around with coupons good for two new locations, one in Bolingbrook and one on Fullerton and Narragansett in Chicago. One coupon is for $3 off $10 purchase (!), good until 7/19, another is for a $25 gift card with new or transferred prescription, and then there are some photo coupons. All are good only at those locations, though.

3. Here are some more coupon codes: At, $20 gift card for Right STart if you buy a STokke Trip Trap (fancy-ass high chair): TTNE20; at, 25% off a choo choo toy: CHOOCHOO.

And remember, if you need formula checks, sign up with I signed up for some diaper coupon or something and now I am getting checks for Nestle formula (around $2 each) every month. Anyone out there need them?


Anonymous said...

Just curious, what page is the Gymboree coupon? Thanks.