Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Coupon and Deal Alerts

This week is an excellent time to stock up on hot dogs and anything else 4th-of-July related. (Well, all those bottle rockets and such will probably be on clearance next week.)


  • I bought 16 ounces of Oscar Meyer wieners (turkey and pork) for $1.39, minus a 50-cent coupon, at a local place called Fair Share Foods today. Then I noticed that at Dominick's, they're selling the same wieners for 3 for $3 with a store coupon for the flyer (through 7/2). So if you have the mq, you could get those for 50 cents each.
  • I also bought a couple 16-oz packs of Vienna Beef jumbo franks for $2.50 each at the same store. The shelf said these are normally $7.50, which I couldn't believe, but on Peapod they are listed at $6.50 on sale so I guess I should have bought a lot more of them. I got them for my parents; this is their favorite and they can't get them up in Wisconsin. At Jewel, "all natural" Vienna Beef franks with no nitrates were on sale for $3 each, normally $5.25. I didn't see that one in the flyer but they were at my local store.
  • Tomorrow I'm headed to Jewel to try this amazing deal, which should land me some buns and watermelon besides more wieners. No, we're not eating hot dogs every night this week. Most will go to the freezer for the occasional nutritional trespass (I try to avoid feeding the kids nitrates but I figure once in awhile won't hurt.)
  • At Dominick's starting Thursday, Johnsonville Brats (not hot dogs, but better!) will be $2.99 each with store coupon. (Unfortunately that's not the size that goes with the $2 off mq out currently.) Also at Dominick's for the coming week: Butcher's Cut "meat" franks, 16 oz. are 88 cents, Oscar Meyers are $1.50, Ball Park are bogo (same at Jewel, starting the same day) and Hebrew National are $2.50. There are 75-cent mqs for Hebrew Nat.
As for the coups, here's what I got:

  • My 4-year-old noticed a big, big coupon in today's Chicago Tribune. It turned out to be for a free Bayer Contour glucose meter. Unfortunately, you have to be a real diabetic to get it free, because it's free with purchase of those prescription test strips. (CVS often makes these glucose meters free after ECBs, and therefore CVS junkies like me LOVE to find a coupon for a free meter, which we can take in and redeem for not only a piece of pharmaceutical technology we don't need, but for a ton of ECBs. Bayer is pretty smart to avoid lunatics like us by requiring purchase of test strips.)
  • Family Dollar: I got one of those usually worthless packets of coupons in the mail today. But it contained a Family Dollar flyer that caught my eye because it contained the following coupons: $5 off $25 purchase, good July 1-13. Also, Oreos (11.25 oz) and Nutter Butters (10.4 oz.) at 2 for $3, apparently a $1.50 savings. I'm making an Oreo cake for my grandfather's 80th birthday this week. So I guess I'll have to see if there's a Family Dollar not too out of my way.


jskell911 said...

Good for your 4 year old for noticing!