Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Buy These Books. Cheap.

So, you know this Money Saving Mom. She's a Biblical Woman and I'm an atheist, but that doesn't mean I don't looooove her (insert smoochy noises here). Her Web site has it all together -- the best deals from CVS culled out each week with the coupon match-ups, the first word when a new CVS coupon comes out, and she is like the Sir Edmund Hillary of shopping with two little kids.

So anyway, she writes all these e-books and sells them on her site. I never bought one because, I figured, I'm gettin' the milk for free every day on the blog. How much more can there be to know?

But today, I'm buying. For reals. Because today, Crystal, aka Money Saving Mom, is selling a big fat package of all her stuff for $5.97. That's, and this is Crystal talking, now, "ebooks, downloadables, and audio workshops --including our best-selling Supermarket Savings 101 eCourse--will be on sale in one package deal for $5.97."

Some of these e-books, e-courses and whatnot cost nearly three times that alone, and there are a lot of them. Are they worth anything at all? I have no idea. But for 6 bucks, I'm willing to find out. I've been kind of curious about her "Supermarket Savings 101" e-course in particular.

That price is for today only, but I think you can use this affiliate link forever. That's right, I'm-a make money if any of you buy from Crystal through this link.

And oh, how I long to be one of those bloggers who makes money. One of those mommybloggers raking it in. Yep. I can kind of feel it starting to happen.

Oh ... false alarm.


Becky said...

I agree! I have total admiration for MSM. I might pop for the package--I'm curious about her household management stuff.