Thursday, July 17, 2008

2 Coupons and a Few Days Off

Later today I head to the West coast for BlogHer, where I'll be reporting a couple of stories. I'm taking both my kids, so it should be an interesting business trip. So you won't be hearing from me through the weekend, or maybe ever, if I don't survive the trip.

Just kidding.


Anyway, before I go, a couple parting shots for you:

In today's Chicago Tribune, main section, there is a Starbucks coupon. Bring it to Starbucks after 2 p.m. and get any 16-ounce drink for $2. (Woulda killed them to give something away for free, I guess.) I think the ad also says that if you buy something from Starbucks in the a.m., you can bring that receipt in for the $2 drink as well. Through September something. I guess they're trying to get people to come in during the afternoons.

Toys R Us coupon code, good Fri and Sat only: 923256. Good for $5 off a $25 purchase. They said they also have a 70% clearance sale going on, but when don't they? Still, I noticed some clearance deals such as AA batteries that would make good fillers. And the coupon doesn't say no diapers.