Thursday, June 26, 2008

Woman's Day: Money-saving Tips

Today my parents (aka free babysitter) are in town so I slipped off to my local library to do some magazine research for my budding freelance writing career. The July issue of Woman's Day offers tips for saving money in the following categories:

-- phone/internet/tv (if you talk fewer than 200 minutes a month, try prepaid wireless)
-- mortgage (making one extra payment per year, spread out into 12 smaller payments if you like, would save $62,750 in interest on a $200k mortgage at 6.75%)
-- credit/banking (if you carry a balance, make your payment as soon as you can in the cycle, since interest accumulates daily)
-- entertainment (use!)
-- health care (if you are paying a substantial amount out of pocket, ask for a cash discount)
-- travel (book through Costco)