Saturday, June 7, 2008

Shopping Saturday: Groceries

I had to do some pretzel math to claim that we stayed within the grocery budget this week. Here goes:

We spent $146, well over our weekly budget of $80.

HOWEVER, I created a new monthly budget item: $50 for Entertaining and Fun. I deducted $40 from this week's spending to add to that category (liquor, beer and wine for guests, food for a BBQ we had).

That brought us down to $106.

Then, I deducted $30 for food and drink -- mainly wine and milk -- that won't be consumed until future weeks.

If you look at it that way, we spent $81. Heh.

The funny (or not funny) thing is, with all that spending, I didn't even buy any meat for us this week. The first meal of the week, I can't remember what we ate. The second, we had that bbq. The third, none of us were home. The fourth, we ate bratwurst left over from the bbq. The fifth we ate out of the freezer, the sixth we ate pasta with vegetables and cheese, and the seventh we had vegetable pizza.

And I procured a ton of cereal for basically free.

So where did all that money go? Well, hmmm. On dairy, I guess. I spent $20 on four pounds of cheese and some cheese sticks, not all of which was consumed this week. Because of good deals, we bought our milk this week instead of CVSing it. Because of coupons and deals converging, I splurged on a few things: granola bars, juice, bread. And of course I bought a lot of produce, which we ate up.

I also received some free rhubarb from my Dad's garden this week, and used part of it to make a pie. And some homemade jam from my grandma, which is the reason I bought bread. Oh, and I'm out of yeast and haven't been able to find any on sale.

I don't think I'll be able to take that entire deferred $30 out of this week's budget. We are going camping and that will probably mean buying some higher-cost items. At the minimum we'll need beer (we'll bring some of the wine I bought last week), graham crackers and marshmallows (I already have Hershey bars), hot dog buns, and something for a second-night dinner.

Also, I can see that $50 a month is not going to be nearly enough for fun and entertainment eating, especially in summer. I'm going to increase it to $100 a month, and actually, we can put most of our camping treats in that category.

Lost yet?