Saturday, June 21, 2008

Shopping Saturday: Gift Cards Galore

The big event of my shopping week was gift cards. I received two $30 gift cards at Dominick's (Safeway) today for transferring two prescriptions from CVS with coupons. I have decided that I get to spend those gift cards totally outside my regular grocery budget. :-) Which means that the organic broccoli ($1/pound!) and other goodies I picked up today were free, as will be the salmon and other goodies we buy this weekend for yet another bbq we're having.

Coincidentally, I also received a $10 Jewel gift card in the mail from the Chicago Tribune. Apparenty when I forgot to switch my credit card billing and our paper was canceled for a couple days, I got this as a reward for re-subscribing. Yay!

Since the $3/$15 coupon I had been using expired, I did very little CVSing this week. I earned 30 ECBs, spent $26.50 with 0 out of pocket due to the use of ECBs and gift cards. So I made a little money, but all I got was candy, deodorant, milk, mascara and a little this and that. I would have bought some more Alavert, which my parents have been using, but I had my driver's license confiscated last week when I got a ticket for going straight at a right-turn-only stop sign. I believe they'll mail it back once my payment is processed.

1 Tylenol rapid release $3.99 (2ECB)
CVS brand pretzels .99
Almay mascara 6.99 (5ECB)
Brut deodorant 3.19 (3 ECB)
- 3 CVS q
1 Tylenol mq
1.50 Tylenol CRT
1.00 Almay mq
2.00 Almay CRT
.55 Brut mq
6.11, paid 5.97 ECBs and .76 from GC
received 10ECB

4 Oral B Power toothbrushes $23.96 (3 ECBs each)
2 Reese's 1.00 (Buy $10, get 5ECB)
- 5/25 CRT
11.98 Oral B bogo mqs
7 + tax, paid 7 EBs and 95 cents from GC
received 12ECB

3 Hershey 6-packs (for s'mores!) 7.50 (Buy $10, get 5ECB)
Dove deo 2.79 (Buy $10, get 3ECB)
Cadbury Fruit and Nut 1.59 (mistake, not part of candy deal)
gallon skim milk 3.19
- 3/15 coupon (last one!)
.75 Dove mq
11.25, paid 10ECBs and $1.37 fro GC
received 3ECB

1 M&M dark 14 oz 1.97
- .75 mq
1.22 + tax, paid with GC
received 5ECB

As for groceries, I spent $70 at Target and $9.77 at Jewel, so viola! A within-budget week!