Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sad Stack O Presents: $3

Here are the Father's Day baskets I made up. I had to laugh when I saw them all packaged for travel because they look pretty trashy:

But I think they will actually be appreciated. I'm not keeping the cellophane on for the gift presentation, that's just to help keep them together during our camping trip.

Here's how much these goodie baskets cost me at CVS:

2 cans of Nivea for Men shave gel $12
2 bottles Nivea for Men post-shave balm $16
1 bottle CVS-brand 'Lectric Shave 4.50
Mach 3 razors free (got them as a moneymaker a long time back I think)
2 bottles Dove lotion 16
3 baskets 4.50
leftover sports-related wrapping paper to line baskets, free
- 8 Nivea mcs
3 Dove mcs
10 CVS 5/25 CRT coupons (bought in separate transactions)
6 CVS 3/15 coupons
3/10 CVS brand (bought w/ some other CVS stuff)
approx $30 coupon savings
cost = $23 (paid mostly in ECBs)
earned 14ECBs and contributed towards earning an additional 8ECB after I spent another $2 on Nivea and $4 on Dove. I'll give myself credit for earning 6 of those 8 ECBs with this stuff, so I'll say that I PAID $23 and got BACK $20.

Dah dum.... Three Father's Day gift baskets for $3.