Tuesday, June 24, 2008


One of the things I miss most about our new frugal (i.e. broke) lifestyle: Going out to eat. I especially miss going out to weekend brunches with friends.

So it was with great delight today that I read Wantnot.net's post about Restaurant.com's current sale.

This Web site is freakin' incredible! I just got $155 worth of restaurant gift certs, for (drum roll) ... $23. Normally, they sell $25 certs for $10, and right now, they're 60% off!*

There is no shipping -- you print the certs off your home computer. Also, it appears that you can log into the Web site to track what certificate's you've purchaed and print them again if necessary. The site will even tell you if you've used them or not.

I got certificates to Orange (downtown), Le Peep in Evanston (Hey L.W. -- we're reading to go out!), Hot Chocolate in the city, and Spoon Thai in our old neighborhood. I am about to pee my pants with excitement at the prospect of getting to all these restaurants for less than the cost of one normal meal out.

* I also got a $10 credit toward my next purchase in my shopping cart.