Sunday, June 1, 2008

Free Cereal at Dominick's

Post cereal is on sale at Dominick's this week, and if you use the "super coupon" that comes with the Sunday flyer, it's $2 a box. The shelf will say $2 for $5.

So if you still have $2 off coupons, the chocolate Honey Bunches of Oats variety will be free. I got two boxes free today and also picked up a box of LiveActive cereal, which was $3 a box and free after this coupon. The coupon was expired, but they took it anyway.

I had been reading online that CVS -- and apparently other stores as well -- don't take expired coupons out of their registers right away. Some people would say that it is bad etiquette or even criminal to hand an expired coupon to the cashier.

So far, I'm not persuaded that this behavior will land me in hell.

At any rate, I just went to the Kraft site and saw that the LiveActive coupon seems to have been reset, with an expiration date of 6/22, so I printed another. I hope I get the chance to stop by Dominick's again this week, because despite the stupidity of marketing a dry grain product as having something to do with "live, active cultures," it looks like good cereal -- lots of dried fruit and nice chunky flakes.