Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Sites on My Blogroll

Recently I noticed (while obsessively checking my stats) that there is a Web site out there called Meatless Monday. And instead of being mad at me for having a weekly feature called Meatless Monday, this Web site is actually linking to me at the moment. Thanks!

It's a klassy site, too. I'll be trying their recipes, like this one for vegetable lasagna.

Also, after having the opportunity to meet the talented author on a professional basis, I've become an instant addict to This bargain-hunting Web site regularly digs up really good clearance grocery items on Amazon, and lets us know what coupon codes to use to get the stuff for pennies on the dollar.

Unfortunately (for us, not for the author) the site if very popular, so if you want the Amazon goodies highlighted there, order them immediately or they may just sell out.


Meatless Monday said...

Well of course we're not mad at you! We love it when people discover Monday!

Making a small change just one day a week - like eating less meat, for example - can have a huge impact on your health and even the health of the planet.

Most of us would have a hard time going totally veggie. But one day out of seven isn't hard at all.

And that 15% reduction not only reduces your risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer but it may even reduce your carbon footprint. Neat, huh?

It's really pretty easy to start living healthier - one Monday at a time!