Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Upcoming Non Week at CVS

Once I got deep into CVSing, sometimes turning over $100 or more a week in ECBs, I worried that I would have trouble taking a break once I was stocked up on household necessities, because I'd be too tempted by the deals.

So although I'm bummed that there are no $/$$ coupons available this week, it's more or less a good thing for me. I have one $5/$25, so I will probably use that to work one deal. We're getting quite low on diapers, but I hate to buy any this week without any decent deals on them.

I'm also annoyed that I only have two B2G1 Soy Joy coupons, and the online coupon won't print, when I really wanted to buy 12 of these babies. They're "Buy 4, get 4ECBs," so if I could buy a dozen for $12 and use four coupons for $4 off, I'd pay $8 and get 12ECBs back. I love making money buying food!

Well, here's my best idea for my one transaction:

8 Soy Joy $ 8 (8ECB)
2 Sobe $ 2.?
CVS stuff $10
(1 CVS Lectric Shave (1ECB), 1 storage bags, 1 CVS plastic bags -- Buy 1, Get 1 1/2 Off)
milk $ 3
bleach 1.29
25.00 (more or less)
- 5/25
2/1 CVS skincare
1.? free Sobe
3/10 CVS brand
2 CVS mqs
$12, receive 9ECBs

I think I'll go with that or something like it, since I could use some plastic wrap and bags. I still have some monthly deals I'd like to buy, but I was hoping to get a chance to print more coupons for things like Smart Rinse before I buy them.


Lisa said...

Great deal hunting. I saw your other post about the $25 coupon. That's awesome. Wish I had gotten one. Your lucky neighbor.