Monday, June 9, 2008

Meatless Monday

We have been going meatless a lot more than Mondays in the last couple weeks. Tonight, we had this strata from the latest issue of Wondertime, except we replaced the sausage with asparagus, added a few bits of leftover portobello mushroom, and also added green onions. It was delish. Fruit salad on the side.

Other recent meatless meals: pasta primavera, broccoli pizza and portobello/mozzerella sandwiches (not exactly a budget item but also not super expensive from the farmer's market).

However, I do not foresee many more meatless meals this week, as I have taken a big honkin ham out of the freezer. I'm thinking we will have it with a meal or two at home, then take slices of it camping for lunchtime sandwiches.