Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jewel: Success and Failure

Today I stopped into Jewel because I think it was the last day to take advantage of a deal wherein you buy $20 worth of certain products and get $5 "instant savings." My plan was to buy 8 four-packs of Yo Plus yogurt and a package of Pop Secret microwave popcorn for $20.25, use 8 $1 off Yo Plus coupons, and pay a total of $7.25 after the coupons and instant savings, for a per-pack cost of 81 cents (that's 20 cents per yogurt!)

I was quite surprised to see that my Jewel doesn't CARRY Yo Plus. They had all the other brands of fancy "live culture" yogurt, like Activia and whatever the Dannon version is called. They had Yoplait Fiber One, which was aso covered by the deal and many of my coupons, so I put eight of those in my cart, only to notice that it contains aspartame, which gives me headaches and tastes nasty.

So, no yogurt deal. Probably for the best, since really those Yo Plus cups are half the size of regular yogurt cups, making 20 cents each not all that special. Yeah, it's supposed to be SPECIAL yogurt, but I don't really get the marketing -- almost every yogurt at the store has live active cultures, it says so in the ingredients.

But here was my success: That Avenu system gave me $2 off a 12-oz bag of Seattle's Best coffee, and I already had a CRT for another $2 off from my last visit. It was marked $8 on the shelf, down from $8.80. So I got 12 ounces of mid-range coffee for 4 bucks.