Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I apologize for my absence! We returned from camping on Sunday and since then I have been busy with many, many things, some of which involve attempting to earn money. I'll let ya know how that goes.

But this afternoon I was back to home economics, cruising the aisles of Super Target with Pebbles in the shopping cart. My friend Ginger clued me in on the location of Super Target after I lamented here that we didn't have one in the area. The one I went to may even be closer than the other Targets in the area, and besides having groceries, it has wine, beer and liquor. Oh yes, I'll be back.

I took the advice of Money Saving Mom and combined some Target coupons with manufacturers' coupons to get some very good deals: $1 each for Lays Cracker Crisps and Cheetos Cracker Trax (big bags), a GE fluorescent bulb for $2.99 instead of $5.99, and Morningstar vegetable patties for $1.29 a box.

I got the store coupons from A Full Cup and matched them up with manufacturers' coupons from the Sunday papers and from the Internet. Here's how the Morningstar deal worked:

sale price: $2.66
Target coupon $2/2
two mcs .75/1
final price for 2 = $2.57, or $1.29 each

I also got a couple things for free or very cheap using just one kind of coupon: two mini bags of Archer Farms coffee free with the $1 off coffee Target coupon, two very small packages of deli cheese free with the $1 off deli cheese coupons, two cans of Muir Glen organic tomato paste for 8 cents each with the $1 off coupon (I think from coupons.com) and three cans of Muir Glen organic diced tomatoes for 47 cents each with same.

Altogether I spent $70 of my weekly grocery budget at Target today and came away with a pretty good haul. I had a few disappointments: The checker unexpectedly told me that I was only allowed to use one $2/2 Morningstar coupon, so I ended up spending much more on those than I had expected.

I though the prices for groceries at Target were ok but no better than groceries that are much closer to me. I got some organic chicken thighs for about $4 a pound because of a one-day markdown. Cheese was on sale for $1.75 for 1/2 pound so I stocked up on that.

Oh, I also got (and spent) $20 in gift cards for transferring prescriptions. The scrips cost $45, alas, but I would have filled them eventually anyway.