Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Good Money Day

With increasing prices stretching our already tight income, seems like good money days are a special event lately. So I wanted to share the good money day I had yesterday:

1. Bought gift certificates at at 60% off. Wow!

2. Went to township office to see about getting our property assessment lowered. The assessor said that our assessment was pretty high for the neighborhood, and we easily found six comparable properties with a lower value per square foot. We won't find out until fall if this succeeds, but I felt pretty good about it since neighbors told me that as long as you can find comparable homes with lower assessments, you will probably get your own lowered.

3. As I pulled into our alley to come home, I noticed a neighbor had put a tupperware bin of toys in the alley. I actually chatted with the neighbor, who told me to take them away before her son started rooting through them again. The bin contained a lot of "boy" toys, which is great because having two girls we don't receive these kinds of things as gifts. A bug vaccuum, which I had been wanting to purchase for Nutmeg. A bug habitat and an ant habitat. A ton of sand toys, including the crank-sifter thing that everyone but us seems to have, and kids' gardening tools. Yay for the back alley freecycle network!

4. Since there was no camp, the girls and I slipped over to CVS in the afternoon for our only trip so far this week. We used my only remaining $5/$25 CRT, but we did very well with it: got a 40-pack of CVS-brand diapers, a gallon of milk, 8 Soy Joy bars, a package of Hello Kitty band-aids (the kids' bandaids have been heavily in demand now that it is summer and scraped knees abound) and a bottle of CVS-brand 'Lectric Shave for my dad. I also had to throw in a $1 Clearanced bottle of calcium supplements which turned out to be expired. I paid 12ECB and 70 cents off my gift card, and received 10ECBs back. $2.70 is not bad for diapers, milk AND Band-Aids. As for those Soy Joys, I'd call them Soy Despair personally, but the baby adores them.

5. Checked my email at day's end and had received a Welcome to ExtraCare $4/$20 coupon. I guess must be for my husband's account! Sadly he only has 6ECBs so I'm trying to figure out how to use it.

The only money drawback of the day was that Nutmeg woke up sick so she couldn't go to her afternoon camp. That's about $18 down the drain. Of course, she woke up from a nap about half an hour after camp started, feeling much, much better. But of course I wasn't going to send her at that point.