Sunday, June 22, 2008

Free Steaks :-)

Today we had some family members over for a barbecue. We have a good number of bbqs in the summer, and usually I buy some bratwurst, chicken or whatevere's on sale. But my guests today were special; my carpenter uncle who had checked out our house for us before we bought it, and my parents who have been taking care of Nutmeg all week.

So I took those two $30 gift cards I earned at Dominick's for transferring prescriptions, and I bought seven porterhouse steaks. Mmmmm. It is nice to splurge sometimes, especially if that splurge is free!

Unfortunately, the gift cards didn't pay for the whole party, and between the drinks for the party and a few other groceries we picked up today and the other day, I have already spent $90, $10 over the weekly grocery budget.

As usual, I have a math trick up my sleeve to deal with this: Epu bought a bottle of vodka because my uncle likes cranberry/vodka, but my uncle didn't have one. I'm going to hold off on "paying" for that vodka until we actually open it, and that definitely won't be this week. I'm also going to deduct another $10 for beers and wine coolers that will not be used until these particular guests visit us again.

That would mean we still have $20 to spend, which is good because I want to get some of that on-sale wild salmon at Dominick's later this week. Also we are going to my parents' cabin this weekend and will have to rustle up some sort of groceries.

I have already exhausted my "entertaining" budget for the month, so I can't deduct from that.

As for eating this week, I have almost 3 pounds of Italian sausage, bought for $1.99 a pound, which should make two meals. I think I'll make some pizza or something at home and then take the other half to the cabin to grill. Another meal will be cheese/broccoli soup with homemade bread, and we can eat a fourth meal out of the freezer. With the salmon, that makes 5 meals, and we'll go out for fish fry up in Wisconsin Friday night, so that's a week.