Friday, June 27, 2008

A Few Quick Things Before We Go Away for the Weekend

We're going to my parents cabin this weekend (borrowed cabin, free getaway, yay! except for the cost of all that gas to get there, boo!). Before I go, I wanted to tell you:

Thing One: I changed my oil at Jiffy Lube this week, certainly not the cheapest place but it was the most convenient. With my receipt, I received a form to send in for a free ten dollar Shell gas card. Yay.

Thing Two: There were tear-off pads on the coolers at my CVS today for a dollar off two 20 ounce Cokes. Expires in August.

Thing Three: I apparently received a $5/30 multiuse coupon from CVS in my email late wed. night. These things often go to my spam folder, and I missed it. Looks like I missed another one just like it earlier this month. So if you are wondering why you don't get deals emailed from CVS, try searching your email box for "CVS" and something may turn up.

Thing Four: I did 3 transactions at CVS this week, and they are not worth recounting because, at least the second two were a mess and I ended up spending significantly from my gift cards. I don't have time to add it all up before we leave, but rest assured this was not a break even week for me. However, one of the reasons I went over to CVS tonight was that my parents asked me to buy them some Raid Yard Guard because the mosquitoes up in Wisconsin are apparently so bad that the stores up there are sold out of it. So I'll get reimbursed sixteen bucks for bug spray, which is probably about what I spent off the gcs.

Thing Five: It seems like somebody recalibrated all the registers at my CVS to malfunction! On my first transaction tonight, it would not take my GC and the cashier had to void and redo the entire thirty-dollar transaction. Then I noticed that I was fifty cents short of completing the Dove deal, so I grabbed a 99cent travel size, used a 75 cent coupon, paid my 33 cents, and expected to collect the 3ecbs. But no, the receipt said I actually had LESS toward the Dove deal than I had before buying the little deo. I think i've heard that if you do a few transations in rapid succession, sometimes your ecbs won't register right away. Finally, I remembered on the way out the door that I had meant to buy a little milk for morning coffee, so I came back in and put together a 20dollar transaction. I only had a six-dollar ecb to pay, so I knew I'd be spending some of the gc, but I decided to just do it. But then, the register took my six-dollar ecb and said its maximum value was 3.99. What?? Another employee came over to help and told me, "Well, it says UP TO six dollar value." As if CVS routinely issues ECBs that are not worth the values printed on them.

Sigh. I will have to call corporate about the Dove AND the ECB snafu on Monday.

Thing Six: I think we went over our grocery budget this week by about twenty five bucks. And we blew the entertainment budget out of the water. What can I say? Lots of entertaining in June.

Have a great weekend.