Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fathers Day Baskets From CVS

For Mother's Day, I spent a couple of weeks printing out free photos at CVS and put them into albums. The mothers were thrilled.

I wanted to do something even more personal for Father's Day: Edit some of the hours and hours of video footage we have sitting around into something short and cute for them.

But the way it's going, even my last-minute, less personal idea may not get done. And that idea is just for the dads. I don't have anything, not even a card, ready for my husband, and we leave for a weekend camping trip tomorrow. :-( This is the kind of move he usually pulls, but honestly, the first week of summer schedule, two cranky kids and trying to pull together a camping trip have just about kicked my butt.

Hence the lack of posts here lately. And while we're at it, you won't hear about my week of CVSing or grocery shopping this week, because of that camping trip. Sorry bout that.

Anway, here are the baskets I'm trying to put together:

My Dad: CVS-brand 'Lectric Shave and two bottles of Dove lotion.
My FIL: Nivea for Men shave gel and after-shave balm, pack of Mach 3 (or whatever number it is) razors
My Grandpa: Same as above, but no razors cause I only have one pack

All I need to purchase yet is one more balm, but I don't have any gift bags or baskets to put them in. I've been hoping to get over to CVS today to look for something appropriate, but my older daughter is into hour 3 of "trying to take a nap" because i made the mistake of promising her ice cream if she did, and even if she wasn't trying to take a nap, she's too tired and cranky to drag into a store right now. So I guess I will have to make a combination camping supplies/father's day supplies run after bedtime.

Which leaves the DH. Actually he made it very easy for me: He asked me to write him a poem.

Somehow, I don't think he wants a poem about how the baby keeps alternating between tantruming, wanting to nurse and turning down her cup but wanting to drink out of my cup and spill it all over the floor. Right? That's just not that romantic in terms of poetry subjects.

Well, he'll be home in an hour, and after that we'll be together for a 3-day weekend, so I guess I better get cracking.


Marin... said...

That's awesome. I'd be writing a similar poem.

Hilton said...

I want to give unique and strange gift to my dad. I also got a beer basket from Delightful Deliveries for my dad.