Monday, June 2, 2008

CVS Moneymaker and a Pretty Good Deal

The Dove monthly deal and the Duracell weekly deal both have the potential to be moneymakers if you have a lot of coupons. Here's how:

For the Dove, I noticed today that the travel-sized deodorants, which are 99 cents, are marked with the "Buy $10, get 3ECB" promotion tags. There were some 75-cents off any Dove deodorant coupons in a newspaper flyer some weeks back.

You could buy ten travel-size deodorants for $9.90 (or 11 if your store won't round up the 10 cents) and use 10 coupons if you have them. You would pay $2.50 (or $2.75 if you buy 11) after coupons and receive 3 ECBs back.

I found out that the "Buy $20, get 10 ECBs" Duracell promo could be a moneymaker in some parts of the country on The two-packs of C and D-sized batteries, which are $2.99 at my stores but apparently $2 in other parts of the country, are included in the promotion. There were 75 cents off any Duracell in a recent paper.

If you can get the batteries for $2, buy 10 packs at $20, use ten coupons, and you'll pay $12.50. Apply a $3/$15 CVS coupon and you pay $9.50, get $10.

If your batteries are $2.99 like mine, it's still a good deal because, as you know, batteries are expensive. Buy 7 two-packs at $20.93, and use 7 coupons if you got 'em. You pay $15.68
before any CVS coupons you apply, and receive the 10 ECBs back.