Monday, June 30, 2008

CVS: It Gets Worse

Remember when we were talking about how CVS could easily limit the number of times one uses a coupon, if that's what they intended? Well, it looks like, at least now, at least with certain email coupons, that IS what they intend.

Today I dragged the kids over to CVS because we were out of milk (and yes, despite the other problem detailed here, I WAS able to pay for my milk with Extra Bucks). I brought the $4/$20 coupon I recently received for registering my husband's email address with his account, and put together $20 worth of stuff: 2 Listerine Smart Rinse (free after ECBs, ends today), 2 Nutter Butters (bogo), a Physician's Formula mascara (earn $1 after ECBs and mq), milk.

But the $4 coupon wouldn't scan. Why? "It says, 'Coupon redeemed already,' " the cashier told me. She even read me the date I redeemed it.

Sigh. So I don't know if they'll be doing this for all email coupons -- I have a $5/$30 coupon for my mom's account that I'm wondering if I should even bother trying again. If I don't, it means I'm back to having no $/$$ coupons to shop with.

By the way, I got a different CRT from the machine today: $5 off a Duracell charger which comes with a couple AAs. I scanned the card a second time and another coupon printed, but sadly the paper got stuck inside the machine (actually I think baby Pebbles might have blocked it from coming out with her finger) and the machine went out of order. The cashier said they COULDN'T OPEN IT and had to call someone in. Weird, since it looks to me like it would open with a screwdriver.