Saturday, June 21, 2008

CVS $25 coupon!?

Yesterday my next-door neighbor asked me if I had gotten "my" $25 coupon for CVS, to be used only on June 21 or June 22. She said she and a friend had each gotten them in the mail.

I got nothing of the kind, and was sorry to hear I might be missing out on something. I asked the new manager at my local store, who seems to always be around, and he said he'd heard they were being sent out to the "top 100" customers at each store.

"Your neighbor must shop more frequently than you do," he said.

I laughed and said that no one shops there more frequently than I do. I allowed, however, that others spend much more money there since I mainly spend coupons and ECBs.

So I guess that's why I have no $25 coupon. Oh well, I still have the bulk of my three $25 gift cards I got there a couple weeks ago for transferring prescriptions.


Becky said...

Hey, just found your blog and I wanted to say, I love your couponing manifesto! And it's totally the feeling I get when I'm shopping, especially at CVS or even Publix, and they've paid me money to take their stuff away-- like who needs a gun and a ski mask when we've got our native cunning. Thanks!

Beth said...

Ah, so THAT'S the explaination about the missing emails - thank you! I checked my email a bazillion times, but alas-no $25. Thanks for letting us know!