Sunday, June 1, 2008

Coupon Alert -- $25 CVS Pharmacy Coupon in Today's Sunday Paper -- With 2 Updates

I was just kicking myself for not saving a ton of the $25 gift card coupons last time they came out, and in today's CVS flyer there is a new one. It's on the half page that wraps around the whole flyer. You should be able to stop into CVS and pick up a few if you don't get the Sunday paper.

It expires July 12, 2008.

Here's how these work: If you have a prescription AT ANOTHER PHARMACY like Target, Osco or your neighborhood druggist, and that prescription has refills, you can do this. Take to CVS either the pill bottle with label, the receipt with the pharmacy info, or even just the name and number of the pharmacy where you got your original prescription. You can even ask the pharmacist at CVS to look up the number for you. They of course want to make the profit from filling your prescription so they will go through some work to get that scrip transferred for you.

When you pick up your meds, bring the coupon and they should issue you a $25 CVS gift card right there. I've done this twice now, once with one of these newspaper coupons and once with the Internet one (which is apparently no longer available online and would have expired 6/7).

Also remember to have them swipe your CVS card since I think you get 1ECB for every two prescriptions.

Updated to say: One commenter said CVS no longer pays ECBs for prescriptions, and that CVS said by email that the prescription benefit is over. But the text on their Web site still says:

"Earn 1 Extra Buck for every 2 prescriptions purchased in-store and online at"

Hmm, seems like they shouldn't be able to take that away while it's still promised on the site.

Update #2: I looked at the flyers in my CVS today, and there was no wrap-around with $25 prescription offer. Was this only on home mailers? Anyone see any in their local store?


jskell911 said...

We haven't gotten ECB's for scripts since last October. I emailed cust care and yep, that's over. Darn!

Carrie said...

Really! Hmm, I must have read some out of date copy on their Web site about that, since I wasn't even into CVS last fall.


jskell911 said...

Yeah, I saw the same info on the site too. That's why I questioned them. Wondering where my ECBs were since I have a lot of scripts! LOL