Monday, June 30, 2008

Can't Buy Milk With Extra Bucks?????

I just got off a 20-minute phone call with CVS, an attempt to get a refund for the 2ECBs that CVS took from me on Friday. Yes, yes, I spent 20 minutes trying to get $2, and it's worse than that, because I am actually PAYING $3 an hour at the moment to a neighbor girl to keep Nutmeg occupied while Pebbles naps. But really, most of that 20 minutes involved me tidying up my kitchen while waiting on hold for the staff to "figure out" why on earth my $5.97 ECB rang up as "maximum value $3.99."

One thing the phone service rep mentioned as she looked over my receipt on her computer was that I had purchased milk. Her first attempt at an explanation was that you can't get free milk, "it's a federal law."


One of the reasons I DO CVS is to get free milk. They carry Dean's, which is not organic (probably by a long shot) but IS advertised as hormone free. This woman seemed to be saying that if you make a CVS purchase with little or no out of pocket expense, that transaction cannot include milk.

Anyone out there ever hear of this? It's bumming me out but I'm hoping what she said is either wrong or not enforced. At any rate, I pointed out that the $1.69 I'd spent on a quart of milk could not be the reason why my ECB went haywire, since my after-coupon total was $14. Subtract $1.69 worth of milk, and you've still got over $12 you should be able to pay for with ECBs.

After 20 minutes, she said she and her colleagues were going to do "further research" and would call me later to let me know the outcome.

Sheesh, and I felt like I was wasting too much of MY time over a lousy two bucks. However, I appreciate their research efforts since I will be able to share any information I receive here. Stay posted.


Hippie said...

I have never bought milk at CVS and I just started shopping there but I had an $8 ECB that rang up as $4 the other day. They finally manually entered it as $8 but I am not sure why it happened!!

Hippie said...

I just looked at my receipt and they entered the $8 ecb as cash.

Becky said...

Weird. I googled it and apparently this was discussed over at Hot Coupon World:

In some states people can't buy milk with ecb's. In Georgia we can. Also, apparently some places you can buy booze with them. Gonna try that.

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