Friday, June 6, 2008

30-cent Cheerios, Ho Hum

Some of my friends thought we would never eat all that cereal. But we were down to our last box of Cheerios yesterday.

(OK, after a subsequent $1 cereal binge, I donated several bags of cereal to the Letter Carriers food drive, and I remember sending a couple boxes of Cheerios to the grandparents' houses, so I'm not exactly sure how many we ate. But they are nearly gone.)

So I pulled out the nearly three-month old raincheck that I got at that original Dominick's sale, as well as the $1.50/3 CRT coupon I had gotten at the time of that purchase, about a zillion other Cheerios coupons, and pushed the stroller to Dominick's.

After checking with the Service Counter about the parameters of the rain check (had to be the 14-oz. size box, could be any variety of Cheerios), the girls and I hit the cereal aisle. Nutmeg, who is getting to be an excellent bargain shopper, helped me paw through the Cheerios boxes looking for Pampers coupons. Unfortunately, the only ones with coupons were not the size we had to buy. She did find one with a Speed Racer car inside, though.

We also picked up another box of LiveActive cereal for free after coupon, some yogurt with which I could eat the Live Active cereal (it's too sweet to eat with milk), and a bottle of seltzer water.

Our total bill, after coupons: $4.80. The five boxes of cereal were $1.50 total, after applying the following coupons:

$1.50 CRT
$1/3 Cheerios
$1/2 Cheerios

My cereal binge will continue next week, when CVS pays 10ECB for every $20 you spend on select General Mills cereals. I have a lot of cereal and granola bar coupons on hand, so I'm thinking I'll do the deal twice, once with cereal (Honey Nut Cheerios, Fruity Cheerios and others), once with granola bars. The cereal will be free after all the coupons, the granola bars will be a good deal.

What will I do with all that? Honestly, we go through it eating cereal every morning, which we have done since I started hitting all these deals. Of course, partly that is because Epu always pours each kid a big bowl of cereal and half of it sits there and soaks in the excess milk until I throw it out. But still.

And cereal is one of the best foods to donate to food banks, I feel. It's easy to prepare no matter what your living conditions, reasonably nutritious, and most people like it.