Saturday, May 17, 2008

So Much Great Junk For 30 Cents

Went back to CVS today to finish up the Hershey transaction on my mom's account (I use 3 accounts -- mine, my husband's, and my mom's). I did that, but also, my 4-year-old and I loaded up our cart with all kinds of stuff from the Clearance bin at $1 each. Play-Doh, Color Wonder, Floam and Crayola bath crayons, all good stuff to include in birthday gifts. And of course Nutmeg got a cut, which increased her enthusiasm for CVSing considerably.

Also: The Huggies Clean Team wipes were free after coupons, as were the Zone bars.

In the end, I paid 30 cents oop for all this "great junk" as Nutmeg and I called it. Also 11 ECBs, earning 5. I was hoping the Floam would pay out ECBs as the monthly flyer says but since they were on clearance I guess not.

AND I got a $5/$25 coupon at the register to replace the one I spent. And new $3/$15 CVS brand coupons from the scanner on my card and Epu's. Did I mention our store got a scanner????

Am updating my weekly CVS post to include this trip.