Friday, May 23, 2008

Shopping Saturday - My Week at CVS

Update: I'm adding to my totals below the three trips I took to CVS today. I made the third trip, just before closing time, because I had noticed on my earlier trip that the staff was piling tons of stuff in the Clearance bins again. They have been rearranging the whole store, and this is the second week in a row that they have thrown tons of really good junk into those bins marked $1, $3 and $5.

In the past, I've used these bins for fillers, but this time, I had the chance to go home and gather my coupons, and had things worked out better (and had they not been about to close) I could have gotten a TON of stuff in a money-making transaction. As it worked out, I got the following for nothing more than 90 cents tax:

10 boxes hair dye, root-touchup kits, etc.
1 Playskool sample pack full of coupons
1 Adidas deo (btw, the ones in my store now have "save $1 now" coupons stuck to the front, which is great because I am out of "free" qs for this item)

Some of the dye is for me (my blue hair totally washed out in the pool earlier this week) and some for my mom. I think she'll be pleased.

For me, this week was actually light at CVS. Good thing there weren't a lot of deals, because my husband worked late on two different nights which makes the "kids are in bed, pop off to CVS" maneuver impossible.

This week I returned a bunch of stuff that hadn't paid off the expected ECBs. This yielded $16 in gift cards, which I will officially add to last week's balance sheet, since they were all for things I bought last week. So instead of being down $20 last week, I was down $4. I would have been even except I forgot to grab the 2 CVS-brand hair gels that I was going to give to my brother except he didn't need 'em cause he got a cute new hair cut. So, whatever, I'll add those to the donation bag and call it a week.

Also, I got a $25 gift card for transferring a prescription. Somehow, when this coupon came out a few weeks ago, I ONLY SAVED ONE. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME? I have 2 more prescriptions that I filled at Target along with this one (totally failing to realize I could have used a coupon to get some kind of incentive there, too). Well, there is this link, which may work.


For the week, I earned 66.83ECB. I spent 73.23ECB and 5.96 out of pocket, some of that off my new gift cards. So I came out $12.36 behind, not counting the $25 gift card I got for my prescription. Now, the prescription thing is tricky -- it cost $35, but I don't count that as part of my CVS shopping. So I'm just gonna throw caution to the wind and say I came out about $12.50 ahead this week.

And, as usual, filled a bunch of family needs for free: milk, ice cream, toilet paper, shampoo, blue mascara. Also provided my grandma with tons of her preferred brand of toothpaste and air freshener. And the rest of the birthday present for the party Nutmeg attended Sunday.

Note: I got a lot of Glade spray this week. I don't know if all CVS stores had it on sale for 79 cents or just mine, but I used all those $1/1 coupons I pulled out of magazines as well as the bogo coupons from last week's paper. Happily, the coupons still took $1 off even tho the item cost less than a dollar, so these were better than free this week and served as great fillers. I never use the stuff, but my grandma will be pleased to get it.

Transaction 1:

1 CVS -brand Bubble Machine 12.99
1 Chicago Tribune 1.79
1 bottle bubbles .99
15.77 + no tax (she forgot???)
- 3/15 CVS q
- 3/$10 CVS brand
9.77 paid 9.77ECB (maybe it was $10ECB?) AND 0 OOP!


Almay Blue Mascara (to match my hair*) 6.99 (5ECB)
Adidas deo 4.99 (4.99ECB)
skim milk 2.99
Etch-a-sketch (clearance) 1.00
- 1.00 Almay mq
- 3.00 Almay CVS CRT
- 4.99 Adidas mq
- 3/$15 CVS q
3.98 + 34 cents tax
PAID 4ECB and 34 cents from gift card

* All the blue washed out of my hair from swimming before I even opened it :(


5 Crest toothpaste 9.95 (5ECB)
1 Colgate 360 brush 3.99 (4ECB)
13.94 (Here I shamelessly exploit the fact that my CVS cashiers never seem to care that the coupon says $3 off $15 dollar purchase)
-3/$15 CVS q
-1 Colgate mq
-5.50 Crest mqs (two $1/1, two $1/2, three .50/1)
4.44 + tax

PAID 2ECB and $3.24 oop. Boo!


2 Edy's "Frozen Dairy Desserts" 5.00
2 CVS-brand TP, 12-pack 9.98
14.98 + .11 tax
- 3/15 CVS q
- 3/10 CVS brand q
PAID with $9ECB and 11 cents from gift card


Large Nexxus shampoo 15.99
Small Nexxus shampoo 4.19 (BUY $20, GET 10ECB)*
2 cans Glade 1.58
gallon milk 2.99
oatmeal cream pie .35
25.10 + .08 tax
- 3/15 CVS q
- 5/25 CVS CRT q
- 1.79 Glade mqs
- 1 Nexxus CVS q
PAID 13.79ECB and .60 off gift card

* I had read that some people were getting 20ECBs for the Nexxus deal, so I thought it was worth a try. It didn't happen for me, but I still always loved Nexxus shampoo and think it's not at all a bad deal paying around $5 for a gallon of milk and a ton of Nexxus.


1 gallon Edy's 2.50
6 Glade sprays 4.74
4 Crest toothpaste 7.96 (4ECB)
1 Oral B toothbrush 1.99 (1ECB)
1 CVS-brand Claritin 3.79 (3.79ECB)
1 LifeFitness gum 2.49 (1ECB)
paper clips 1.99
gallon milk 2.99
2 sheets stickers 1.00 (clearance)
29.45 + .26 tax
- 4/$20 CVS q
- 5/$25 CVS CRT q
- 3 CVS CRT LifeFitness q
- 2.75 Crest mqs
- 4.58 Glade mqs

The loot from that last transaction:


Colgate 360 toothbrush $3.99 (3.99ECB)
Aquafresh 2.99 (2.99 ECB)
Tums Quikpk 4.69 (4.69ECB plus full mail-in rebate)
clearance item .50
Sunday Trib 1.79 (NO COUPONS INSIDE, WTF?? Oh, holiday weekend. Bah.)
13.96 + tax (strange, I also bought a $1.16 milk to total $15 but it's not on there)
- 3/$15 CVS q
- 1.00 Colgate mq
- 1.00 Tums mq
- 1.00 Aquafresh mq
7.96 + .11 tax
PAID $8ECB and .11 off gift card


3 CVS-brand Claritin 11.37 (11.37ECB)
organic potting soil 5.99
17.36 + .26 tax
- 3/$15 CVS q
- 3/$10 CVS-brand q
PAID 11.68ECB plus .26 off gift card


9 Clearance hair dyes $9
1 fancy Clearance dye $3
1 Playskool sample pack$1
1 Adidas deo $4.99 (4.99ECB)
$18 + .90 tax
- 3 CVS q
- 1 Playskool q
- 3 fancy hair dye q
- 5 other hair dye qs (I really had a 8 qs but the cashier got confused and didn't scan some)
- 1 Adidas q
PAID 4.99ECB and 90 cents off gift card


Becky said...

I like that ice cream is considered a need for your family. Good work on the Glades!