Saturday, May 17, 2008

Shopping Saturday, the Groceries: Over Budget, Smelly Meat, but Love That Free Salad Dressing

Wish I had a more upbeat post to inaugurate the Blogger version of Shoplifting With Permission. But it wasn't all bad -- I got some good deals too.

Monday, Small Local Grocery: Spent $16. Bargains included jars of Spice Island rosemary, sage and something else for $1.99 each, used $1/2 coupons, bunch of overripe bananas for 50 cents (the kids ate them within a day so there was no problem), and homemade italian sausage for $1.89 a pound. NON-bargain was the 98-cent-a-pound pork roast, which ended up smelling foul and tasting tough despite cooking all day in the crock pot.

I'm never buying meat at that store again.

Tuesday, Jewel: Spent $51.94. Bargains included NINE BOTTLES OF KEN'S SALAD DRESSING for FREE! Sale price was $2 and I had lots of $2/1 coupons from newspaper inserts. We are ready for summer salads! In fact we had salad for the first time all year and I am happy to report that the tomatoes I bought, while not a bargain, were delicious. Another bargain was stocking up on canned tomatoes and ravioli (which both Epu and Nutmeg love for lunches), with the buy 20, get $10 deal. I will appreciate that extra $10 next week since I had to borrow heavily from next week's budget to finance this next shopping trip. We also pulled some nice bargains out of the clearance cart: a couple jars of minced garlic which I use like crazy, some more ice cream topping which I was able to get for 35 cents a jar after applying my Smuckers coupon, and a 4-pack of organic chocolate milk boxes which delighted Nutmeg and have been a most excellent bribe for getting her into the car quickly.

Wednesday, Dominick's: Spent $41.49. I made this extra shopping trip because I found out some friends were coming over for dinner and I wanted to pick up some mushrooms and whole grain flour for homemade pizza and some more salad fixings, and of course some beer and wine. We didn't end up touching the beer this week because our friends brought some they'd brewed, so I don't feel so bad about borrowing $26 from next week's budget. I only wish I still had wine left -- I cannot WAIT until we get our Trader Joe's in town so I can conveniently stock up on cases of 2-buck-Chuck.

So there you have it: Next week we will be restricted to spending $54, but we'll have that $10 coupon at Jewel, and we won't buy beer, so that won't bee too bad.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have eaten the pork that was smelly. yuck-o! I would have brought it back.