Friday, May 23, 2008

Shopping Saturday - Didn't Manage to Go Under Budget As Planned

Since we went $30 over budget last week, I was hoping to go $30 under this week to make up for it. And we totally could have.

But we didn't. Mainly because I hit two different stores Wednesday to gather ingredients we needed to make thank-you treats for Nutmeg's teachers upon her preschool graduation. Both stores were stores with lots of good deals, that I don't get to often, so I thought it prudent to snap up every good deal I could find.

I differ from some, such as my guru Money Saving Mom, on this point: Since I have the financial flexibility (enough money in the bank) to allow me to stock up on good deals, I will go over budget when warranted. Besides, just getting my two kids into a store takes time, and since these were stores I have to drive to, it makes sense to do as much shopping as I have time for, instead of limiting myself by the budget and then making another trip as soon as the new week begins.

Monday, Jewel:
1# vine tomatoes 2.73 one sale
1 bag Almond Accents 4.29
1 pineapple 2.99 on sale
organic salad mix 2.99 on sale
1.7# grapes 1.72 on sale
1 mango 1.00 on sale
2# organic carrots 2.00 on sale
tax .40
- 4.00 CRT almonds q (coupon)
-1.00 Jewel brand organics q
-10.00 q from buying Con-Agra products last week

TOTAL 3.11!

Wed, Fair Share Foods (Largeish indie grocery with great deals on yogurt that is nearing the expiration date and going-bad produce. No seat belts on the grocery carts, tho.)

2 12-oz coffee bags $8.98
salt .39
1# mozzerella 3.99
1# sharp cheddar 3.99
gallon skim milk 2.69
whole grain bread 2.50
1# liverwurst 1.19
1# tumeric 2.99*
8 Danon yogurt cups 2.00
5 Danon yogurt cups 1.00
9 oz. blueberries 5.00
tax .74
- 1.00/2 bags 8 o'clock coffee q
.55 Dean's milk q

TOTAL 33.71

I should have paid just over a buck more for the 8# of potatoes that were sitting on the bottom rack of my cart, but I totally forgot it was there until I got to my car. I know, I didn't drag my crying baby and antsy toddler back inside. Bad shopper! But it does more than make up for the asterix, below:

* I think this tumeric was supposed to be 2/$5, so either I got overcharged or they really require you to buy 2 at this store. At any rate, I came home to find that tumeric is one of the spices I recently bought. I made a list of the many spices I'm out of, then of course promptly lost it!

Pan's Foods (Small indie grocery with great prices on eggs, produce and meats, and limited selection on everything else. Also, sells booze, an Oak Park rarity.)

2 Wacky Mac veggie noodles $2
12 cage-free eggs 2.55
1.5# broccoli 1.55
2.5# organic bananas 2.55
8 oz mushrooms 1.50
1 cut up chicken 4.33 (about 1.59 per #)
1# house made italian sausage 1.89
wild-caught salmon fillet 8.99 ($6.99 per #)
Dean's sour cream 1.19 (forgot coupon!)
muffin cups .99
tax .66

TOTAL 27.20

Epu's trips to Dominicks near his work:

peanut butter and bread approx $8
baking powder and butter appox 8


The highlights of my shopping week were the Jewel trip for only 3 bucks due to the coupon I earned last week, checking out Pan's which turns out to be a great place to buy basics ($2.55 for cage-free eggs!), and scoring all those yogurt cups which Nutmeg loves.\

Tomorrow is the first day of our farmer's market, and we are totally going as a family bright and early. So that'll be our produce for most of the week -- assuming they HAVE much of anything to buy because for the Upper Midwest this is quite early in the growing season. I still have stuff in my kitchen to make pizza tomorrow night, and tomorrow's lunch will be leftover chicken along with some kind of veggies (let's hope).

We really have to eat a couple times next week out of the freezer, because it's absolutely bulging with stuff, especially after we bought 3 gallons of ice cream on sale at CVS this week. So I bet I can shave those $30 off the budget next week, assuming I bite the bullet and don't buy any wine. (The only reason we didn't buy booze this week: There was beer from last week when I went over budget buying it and then our friends brought beer to dinner anyway, and we bought 3 bottles of wine at the fundraiser we attended. But that came from the charity budget! Boo-yah!)

Stuff I HAVE to buy next week: peanut butter, white flour, sugar. Everything else depends on the sales.