Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Prescription Coupon Alert -- Dominick's

Today's Wednesday Dominick's flyer has a $30 off gift card coupon for a new or transferred prescription. It expires June 20. This is the best I've seen. Actually, there was the same coupon in the last Dominick's flyer if you still have that around.

Also, this Sunday's Target flyer had a $10 gift card coupon for same. And there is a $25 CVS coupon here, (expires 6/7) although it is only good for transfers, not new scrips. I successfully used that online coupon at my local CVS.

Remember that you can use competitor pharmacy coupons at CVS. So if you have new scrips and not transfers, but you want to bring them to CVS, use the Dominick's or Target coupons. However, if you have access to all three stores like I do, you can play a little shell game: First get them filled at Target. Get them transferred to one of the other stores for the refill, then repeat.