Saturday, May 24, 2008

My CVS Plan for This Week

I got the week's CVS flyer when I stupidly shelled out $1.79 (well, in Extra Bucks, but still) for a Sunday Tribune, not realizing that there are no coupons on ANY HOLIDAY WEEKEND.

Anyway, there is not a single moneymaking deal in this week's flyer. Now, I was wanting to slow down with the CVSing a little, but with NO weekly deals and very few of the monthlies left for me to buy, I'm nervous that I will not be able to generate enough ECBs to even buy milk.

At this point, here are the things I'm interested in getting at CVS this week, if I can. I don't have a ton of excess ECBs saved up on any of my cards, since I've spent more than I've earned the last few weeks.

1) Playskool sample packs. When my local store closed tonight, they still had, I don't know, a dozen or so of these on the Clearance rack for $1 each. I got one with a coupon, and inside there are more coupons for $2 off Playskool diapers which I should be able to use to get another one or two on my next purchase. Unfortunately, you can only use one of these coupons per transaction so other people may get most of the samples before I get a chance.

2) Playskool deal -- buy $20, get $5
Since I'll be getting so many Playskool qs from the sample packs, and since their wipes are so excellent, I thought I might go for this one. We also need good sippy cups (20% off this week) since most of ours are missing valves or tops. The sample packs also come with $1 off accessory qs. I have heard you can use the $3/$10 CVS brand qs on these as well -- I hope that is true since I have a million of those qs now that my store has a coupon machine. Their diapers are kinda sucky tho so I won't get those.

3) French's mustard, 66 cents, 3-day sale. I have 2 qs for 30 cents off, so I'll get em for 36 cents apiece. Good for when my parents are in town cause they don't like the frenchy mustard like we fancy people do.

4) Absolutely Divine cookies on sale for $1.99. I have a zillion $1 off qs from the machine. I wonder if this is a CVS brand too? Hope so.

5) Pampers diapers @ $13.99 for a mega pack. I have a lot of mqs.

6) Milk, as always

7) Monthly deals left to buy:

2 Aquafresh ($1 off qs)
1 Adidas ($1 off q on package)
4 Orapik Traveler (no qs)
4 Colgate 360 toothbrush (only 1 $1 q left)
2 CVS-brand allergy (no qs on that account)
1 Tums Quikpak ($1 off q)

More specific deals to come.


Anonymous said...

You should wait to buy the pampers. They are on sale next week and gives back $5.00 ECBs.

Carrie said...

Thank you! There was something in the back of my mind telling me to check next week's flyer ... I looked at it last week.

That's great because I don't have enough ECBs this week anyway.

Anonymous said...

You would save a lot more by using cloth diapers, by the way. After an initial investment of around $300, with exception to traveling to visit family twice (total of a month and a half), I have never had to buy diapers. Based on my original investment and my son's age, minus the traveling time - $300/(30 mos - 1.5 mos)= $10.52 is the amount I spent on diapers on a monthly basis so far. Now that's savings!

Carrie said...

Yeah, I have been thinking about getting some cloth ones for longer than I care to admit. I wouldn't actually be saving money, since I get my diapers for just about free now at CVS. But of course there's the earth and all.

I have no idea what kind to buy and have long put off doing the research, so any advice would be appreciated.

I hesitate to do anything that would add to my laundry, which I can scarcely keep up with as it is what with all the writing I do (and those pesky kids). And I have always hated the idea of having a pail of water and poopy diapers sitting in the nursery. I worry that the kids will get into it, the baby will drown in it, whatever.

But the baby is not a very messy diaper kid, so it would NOT be that bad, really.