Monday, May 19, 2008

Meatless Monday: Jane Brody Again

You've probably noticed by now that when I cook meatless, I reach for "Jane Brody's Good Food Book." Actually, most of my favorite recipes come from that book, even those with meat (like her green and grain turkey meatballs, for instance).

Tonight, we're having Lentil and Brown Rice Soup from that book. I actually made it yesterday afternoon and tonight's a repeat, but tonight it's paired with a delicious-smelling loaf of 100% whole wheat bread from the machine.

I stopped by Jewel today and spent my $10 coupon that I earned last week. Didn't buy any meat, so I think we'll actually be going meatless tomorrow night too. Then something from the freezer on Wed. night, and I'll hit the stores Thursday to grab whatever is on sale in the Wednesday flyers.

So here's a meatless two-fer: Tomorrow night's going to be an egg dish, maybe finally that potato souffle, with a delicious salad (today I got the new Jewel organic brand greens on sale with a $1 off coupon from the paper, as well as some Almond Accents for free with a CRT coupon, and some hothouse tomatoes on sale).

One thing conspicuously absent from my table this week: cheese. The last couple of times I have priced cheese at the grocery store, it was like the Twilight Zone. $8.99 for the big block of cheese, marked down from $9.99? Seriously? While CVS has allowed us to avoid feeling the pinch of rising milk prices, our CVS sadly does not sell cheese. But hey, I can't feel too sad -- they do have Edy's ice cream there for $2.50 this week.