Sunday, May 18, 2008

CVS Plan for 3/18 --

Woke up this morning to find no Sunday paper -- no coupons. Bah. :-( Turns out I never changed our credit card autopay when we changed cards.

Also, practically nothing to buy at CVS this week. Actually, that's a good thing -- I could use a break. So here's my plan this week:

Today, Nutmeg and I have to pop over to complete the purchase of her classmate's bday gift. I'm thinking a $12.99 CVS-brand bubble machine. I wonder, if I buy $20 worth of CVS stuff at a time, if I can use two $3/$10 CVS coupons? Since I get one every time i scan my card, I'm collecting a lot of these coupons.

Probably do the Almay deal at least once, since I have a $3 off CRT which I can combine with an mc to make it a moneymaker.

Maybe get my Grandma some Crest if I can locate the mcs to make it free after ECBs.

Stock up on CVS brand tp.

Buy some ice cream. And milk.

Keep working on monthly deals -- 360 toothbrush and of course deodorant.


Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

Love the name of your site! LOL
Great job and keep it up!

jskell911 said...

My CVS won't let me use more than one $/$$ coups anymore, even if the total equals more than both. Said it was a new corporate thing. Hope you have better luck at yours.

Carrie said...

Yes, the manager at my store also said no to using two $3/$10 CVS coupons. Not at all a big deal, though.

By the way, I am SWIMMING in those coupons since my store installed a scanner/coupon printer. I get one every day for each of the two cards I carry.