Thursday, May 29, 2008

Coupon Alert - Playskool Wipes and Absolutely Divine cookies

Spotted today at my CVS: The portable pack of Playskool wipes, which sells for $1.99, had a peel-off on it for $1 off the 80-count wipes pack or larger. The cashier offered to peel and use it for that purchase, since I was buying two small packs and one large pack to finish off the Playskool deal.* But I didn't need to as I was using a $1/1 coupon from a Playskool sample pack I bought on clearance along with one copy of the Internet coupon (requires registration, good on any size).

At any rate, the small packs with the coupons were on a special hanging display. I saw other packs of the same size on the shelf that did not have the coupon.

Also: If your store has a coupon printer, you may have been getting tons of qs for those "Absolutely Divine" CVS-brand cookies. Well, I tried them and I wouldn't exactly call them divine, but I _do_ like cookies. Since they are on sale this week for $1.99, you should be able to combine five $1/1 Absolutely Divine qs with a $3/$10 CVS brand q to get five boxes of cookies for $2.

* I actually managed to fall 47 cents short of finishing the deal, which is annoying since I didn't realize that and actually threw in a 50-cent pack of tissues because I was 4 cents shy of $15 and this store, not my regular store, apparently doesn't round up the pennies. I *could* have grabbed another full-sized wipes instead of the portable pack and I would have gotten my $5ECB. Then again, I wouldn't have gotten the $1 coupon, but THEN AGAIN you can print out an (apparently) unlimited number of those online so basically, that was pretty lame. Now I HAVE to go back tonight to buy one small pack of wipes and four boxes of cookies, 30 prints and 2 Sobe waters, pay 45 cents oop plus tax, and collect my $5ECB along with a $1ECB for the Sobes. Oh, bother.


Tammy said...

I wanted to do this deal but I thought I had to purchase it all in the same transaction. So, it accumalates the amounts?

Carrie said...

Yes, it does. See my most recent post about this. The bottom of your receipt will tell you how much you have already bought and how much you have left to buy.