Monday, April 7, 2008

Would Blogger Be a Good Place for This New Blog?

So far, I see that the titling system is annoying. I guess I will have to pay more to get a custom domain.

Just checked, and my domain name is in fact available.

This is only the second week of grocery shopping on a budget -- $80 -- and already I have gone over. I have spent $90. But I think it's good to have some flexibility. I went over in order to take advantage of good deals with week on hams due to the Easter holiday, and I'm going to go over further when I stop at Dominick's tomorrow to get some cheap cereal, some milk for the girls, maybe some grapes, and some Johnsonville sausage.

Maybe we won't grocery shop at all next week. Except, wait, my parents will be staying with us two nights. We might have to get just a few things, but I bet we could substract this week's overage from next weeks' budget.