Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wasted Wednesday: Felt Flowers

You may have noticed I'm trying out some topic days throughout the week. On Wednesdays, I'll be highlighting new ways to waste money -- some commonplace, others hilariously bizarre.

Feltflowers This inaugural Wasted Wednesday is dedicated to Pottery Barn Kids. Now, I like to leaf through the PBK catalogue on the john as much as the next mom, and I have actually ordered a few items from them, such as the Madison Bookrack, similar to this one.

But lately I've noticed PBK featuring items that would generally be considered home projects: letters cut from wallpaper, for instance. This month, it's felt flowers. Flowers cut out of felt with a little circle or star of felt sewed to the middle and a wire stem. $29.00.

That's right, twenty-nine dollars for a craft project even I could do with a few dollars worth of remnants from a fabric store or craft-ready felt squares.

I guess PBK is capitalizing on the popularity of crafts by allowing people too busy to actually make the crafts to still get that homemade look.

At least the felt flowers are pretty. PBK also wants $29.99 for these ugly paper daisies, "the quickest way to make over the room for the party."