Friday, April 4, 2008

Suzie Homemaker

When Epu and I were picking up the kids in Kenosha last weekend, we stopped into a big Woodmans* by I-94. It's awesome -- huge, with a wide variety of organic foods.

Anyway, Epu spotted frozen young turkeys on sale for 88 cents a pound. We bought one and put it in the fridge. Yesterday, I roasted it.

First I cut open the plastic around the turkey over the sink so I could drain out any blood. I tipped the bird, and brown liquid poured out. I tipped it more, and it gushed out.

"Gross!" I said. "How much blood did this thing have in it? And why is it so brown?"

I was beginning to doubt the wisdom of buying discounted poultry at Woodmans. Then I cut open the whole plastic wrapper, and took out a plastic bag that had been nestled inside. It was punctured by my kitchen scissors.

It said: Gravy packet. Mix with drippings and 1 cup hot water.

Hehehe. By the way, the turkey didn't cook up that well -- it was underdone at dinner time probably due to it still being a little frozen inside. Then I had to microwave the meat we were going to eat at the last minute, which made the dark meat rubbery. So I guess you could call the whole thing a bit of a frugal flop.

However, Epu liked the cornbread and sausage stuffing I made so much he didn't complain at all.