Sunday, April 6, 2008

Shopping Saturday

Once again, we went over the grocery budget this week. This time, I blame our discovery of the Woodmans at I94 as we leave Kenosha, where my parents live.

When I go over the $80 grocery budget I have set for us, I usually find myself saying, well, I stocked up on a lot of staples, so I will go under budget in future weeks. So far, that has not happened. However, I still do believe it will happen next week now that we bought a lot of stuff at this huge, awesome and worker-owned grocery store.

I don't know if all Woodmans are like this one -- the one we used to frequent in college wasn't, but that was a long, long time ago. This Woodmans had a whole wall of organic produce, for low prices although granted not the height of freshness. It also had a huge aisle of organic grocery, with varieties of organic food I'd never seen before: organic dried split peas and lentils, organic whole wheat flour, even organic Kraft macaroni and cheese (I gave that a pass in favor of the 50% whole wheat variety).

Anyway, with prices better than our local Jewel except for loss leaders, this Woodmans is going to be a regular part of our shopping strategy from now on. Unlike CostCo, they accept coupons (although this one said no Internet coupons). We're in Kenosha usually a couple times a month.

I don't have my receipts with me, because I am once again in Kenosha, but here's a rough idea of the shopping I did this week:

  1. Woodmans. $100-something. Dried beans, mac and cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese, milk, a 10-pound frozen turkey, a tube of Bob Evans sausage, a ton of citrus fruit for Epu's juicer, bag delicious organic pears, bunch bananas, large cantaloupe, lots of breadmaking supplies, brown rice, canned organic pears, whole wheat pasta and who knows what all.

  2. Dominick's. $12.60. A triumph! 2 boxes Cheerios (each with a $1.50 Pampers coupon on back). 1 box Fruit Roll-Ups, 1 box Fruit By the Foot (brought those to neighborhood get-together Friday). 2 gallons hormone-free milk. 6-pack beer. (The cereal and fruit leather were a special Dominick's coupon at 4 for $4. I brought coupons for each of the four products, plus a $3 off your next visit coupon that had printed at the register last time. So basically I only paid for the milk and the beer.

This coming week, I might pick up a few groceries at Target when I get a gift for a birthday party we're going to. I guess we won't hit Woodmans on our way out of town because the party location doesn't facilitate that.

I also did some shopping for the girls this week, and of course, lots of CVSing.

For the girls, I hit the local Mothers of Multiples resale event and spent $32.50. I got:

1 pair light up tennis shoes, perfect condition

1 pair light-up Barbie sandals, dirty (in the free bin)

Lite Brite, with plenty of pages ($1!)

booster seat for Nutmeg at the in-laws' house

1 pair nice shoes for school next fall

tons of socks, which Nutmeg desperately needed

1 cute outfit for Nutmeg (The Children's Place brand)

1 pair summer pjs for Nutmeg

set of knob covers for the stove (total serendipity as the baby just turned on the gas yesterday)

some sippy cups and tops

Halloween shirt (tags on) and turtleneck for the baby

tote bag to hold all this in, to be used as grocery bag

I did not find ballet slippers and may actually have to spring for a brand new pair for Nutmeg's very first ballet recital next week.

At CVS, I went pretty crazy Sunday and Monday because I had a couple coupons that would expire on March 31. I got 3 six-packs of Dove soap and a bunch of Ladies Speedstick for my grandma, a bunch of fragrance-free Speedstick for Epu, and some of the free-after-ECBs Softsoap body wash (monthly deal), oh, and that Pediasure, some CVS-brand toilet paper, napkins and paper towels, and some 90 percent off Easter stuff. I paid a dollar here, two dollars there, nothing really much out of pocket. Tonight I made my final trip of the week to the fabulous Kenosha CVS with my brother, and we got 3 Shout stain removers, 1 Windex, 2 Scrubbing Bubbles, a CVS-brand mouthwash, 2 CVS-brand tylenol, a Reeces' Peanut Butter Cup and a roll of translucent gift basket wrap from the Easter clearance rack.

The total out of pocket cost for that last trip was 23 cents. I needed the last two items to bring the cost up enough to use $11 in ECBs. I got $13 ECBs and a $5 off $25 coupon back.

Then I scanned my CVS card in the store's scanner (I used my mom's number for the transaction) and I got $2 ECBs (??) and a $3 off $10 CVS products coupon.

Yeah, that was fun.