Monday, April 7, 2008

Meatless Monday

Part of our $80-a -week grocery plan is to eat dinners with little or no meat several times a week. But if I don't plan for this I often find we have gone right through the week without remembering. Then again, last week I bought a bargain-priced turkey and we ate previously cooked meals from our freezer several times so that would explain why we didn't have any meat-free meals last week.

Anyway, new plan. Mondays are now the one night of the week when I know we'll be meat free. Unless, that is, I go shopping on a Monday and find a good deal on wild-caught salmon. Duh.

Tonight's meat-free meal is not quite meat free, but it is free of any meat I had to go out and buy. I've got some turkey chili bubbling in the crock pot. The turkey and stock come from that turkey carcass from last week (simmered all day along wth a bunch of broccoli stems and a couple of onions). Add one bag of black beans (less than $1), a couple more onions, a can of chili peppers clearanced at Target, a can of tomatoes. Then, say, shit -- I forgot to buy more canned tomoatoes at the store today.

I have plenty of tomato sauce. Maybe I should add a can of that at the last minute? I can't add now because the crock is full and I couldn't even fit in all my stock.

Accoutrements are leftover homemade corn bread from last night and shredded cheddar. I may also serve some asparagus on the side, unless I add some broccoli into the chili.