Monday, April 21, 2008

Meatless Monday - Postponed

Since we are still eating ham leftover from Friday, tonight's dinner was not meat free. We did, however, spread just a cup of chopped ham throughout a whole lasagna dish of german potato salad, topped with about 80 cents worth of cheese. I have two more batches' worth of the potato salad with 2 more cups of ham in the fridge, waiting to be frozen.

We're going to have split pea soup with the ham bone tomorrow night, and then Wednesday will be our real meat-free dinner. I think I'm going to make a peanut-butter noodle dish like this one, which we love, love, loved. Since we have ton of organic carrots from our week-ago Woodmans run, I'll replace most of the veggies with carrots.

All this means I won't have to grocery shop at all until Thursday (except for free milk and Chef Boy R D from CVS), which is a good thing, since we already spent more than half the week's budget on booze. Heh heh. What happened is, we stopped by Woodmans again on the way out of Kenosha Sunday night, but this time I just hit the liquor store area. I bought 3 regular bottles of wine (with a $5 mail-in rebate), 1 large bottle, a 12-pack of beer, and a bottle of the whisky my parents drink, since they'll be in town this week. $47.20.

So I'm gonna try hard to keep the rest of the groceries for the week down to $32.80. Yes, I'm starving my kids so I can buy booze. No, wait, I'm not! Honest! I just told you 3 nutritious dinners planned until I shop on Thursday. And we have TONS of meals in the freezer, in case the end of the week needs any supplementing. And the dinners I planned will be large, with leftovers for lunch. And I can always bake bread too.

Feeding the kids AND feeding Bacchus. Livin' the dream, people.


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