Monday, April 28, 2008

Meatless Monday Postponed Again

OK, you'd think I don't like cooking vegetarian, but I do, I really do. My excuse this week is that I bought 4 pounds of spare ribs at the cheapo grocery store on Friday, and I don't trust it to be fresh enough to wait any longer. I've got this cooking in the crockpot.

I also took two meals' worth of chicken, rice and beans out of the freezer yesterday, hoping to have them for dinner. But I remembered them so late (in the middle of the birthday party) and we didn't feel like defrosting them so we had breakfast for dinner instead.

So, maybe Wednesday I'll cook a meatless meal? I'm thinking something with potatoes and eggs, like Jane Brody's potato souffle which I have always wanted to try. I actually have parmesan for once. Maybe I'll wait until I grocery shop on Thursday so I can pick up some mushrooms for it.