Thursday, April 10, 2008

Making Do With What I Have: Cheddar Lasagna

Makeshiftlasagna_7 My grandmother is a very frugal woman. In some ways she is my frugal guidestar, while in other ways, let's just say we don't share all the same philosophies.

But one thing she says that always rings true with me: Necessity is the mother of invention. She taught me the phrase "jury rig," because that is exactly what she is always doing.

So this afternoon, as I stood looking at an opened package of Italian sausage and a lasagna recipe, I thought of Grandma. I didn't have any mozzerella, because when I shopped yesterday I wasn't thinking about using that sausage right away this week. But then someone (i.e., Epu) went and opened the sausage to cook a few of them for breakfast, and now I was faced with the pressure to use it up before we go out of town for two nights.

It's raining, one kid is asleep and the other is on the couch with a cold, and besides, I used up my grocery budget for the week.

So, we're having cheddar lasagna. What's the big deal, right? We all love cheddar. We had everything else: the noodles, a container of cottage cheese, and I just stocked up on tomatoes and sauce yesterday.

I'll let you know how it turns out.