Friday, April 18, 2008

How to Get 2 Cute Kids' Toothbrushes for $1

Last week at my husband's request I bought new toothbrushes for the girls. I didn't think there were any especially good deals out there for kids' toothbrushes. I searched around and found that if you bought a Zooth kids toothbrush from Crest you could get $1ECB. They cost $2.99. And I had a $1 off 2 coupon.

So I bought 'em last week and figured, that's $1.50 a toothbrush. One had Hello Kitty (which Nutmeg loved) the other had Barbie, and the baby didn't know the diff.

This week I realized I had a BOGO Zooth coupon from the 4/6 Proctor & Gamble coupon insert. I went back to the store with my receipt, the toothbrushes, and the coupon, and got an addition $2.99 off.

Here's the kicker. Because my store now does after-the-fact coupons buy doing a return on the item, then selling it back to you, I actually got two more ECBs when I "bought" the brushes the second time. Oh, and I got $3 cash, when of course I never paid much if any cash for them to begin with.*

So I got 2 toothbrushes and they paid me $2ECB to take them. That's Shoplifting With Permission! I now realize that this deal can't be done anymore, because the $1/1 coupon expired March 31. But you could still get the two fancy toothbrushes for a total of $1.

So here's how you, the budding young CVS prodigy, could do this deal:

BUY two Zooth brushes for $2.99 each
USE one BOGO coupon (P&G, 4/6)
Pay $3
Get $2ECB back

Or, you could do what I always do and buy those 2 toothbrushes along with at least $14 worth of other stuff, then use a $4/$20 coupon you get for signing your email up with CVS. And if your coupon for that has already expired, sign your mom's account up for email, your husband's, your children's, your grandma's, etc.