Monday, April 28, 2008

Hasbro Coupon Code for My Little Pony

Since Nutmeg's birthday party yesterday had a pony theme, she received several "My Little Pony" gifts. In a couple of them was a handy flyer showing all kinds of other "My Little Pony" products she could pester us to buy.

After she went to bed I disposed of that advertising. I have enough aggravation in my life and have no intention of spending a single dime of my hard shoplifted money on any more TV-show-branded plastic.

But before I threw it out, I noticed there was a handy coupon code on the flyer. It says it's only good for "My Little Pony" products, but I'll try it on anything if I happen to order from there:

10% off

code: PONY10

expires 12/31/08